Planleggingen av Caravan Xpo 2024 starter

Planleggingen av Caravan Xpo 2024 starter

Publisert av Martine Lorentzen den 08.05.24.

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Caravan Xpo 2024 is in full planning
This year's Caravan Xpo is scheduled for September 19–22.

"After a successful debut, it is with great enthusiasm that we announce that Caravan Xpo will once again open its doors to Norway's most talked-about caravan expo. The dates are set, and expectations are even higher following great feedback from last year," says Remi A. Netteland, Communications Manager at Caravan Xpo.

This year's expo will also take place at the X Meeting Point at Hellerudsletta outside Oslo.

Caravan Xpo 2024 builds on last year's success and promises an event with renewal and improvement. This year we offer a mix of the best from last year, plus new elements, for all ages.

New this year is a special area for children inside the exhibition hall, where the youngest visitors can explore and play in a safe and accommodating environment while adults explore what the industry has to offer. There will be a separate section for food trucks that will provide a social and culinary experience at the heart of the expo, and there will be a significantly improved outdoor communal area with roofing and food service at the expo camp.

"While we are still working on refining the details, we can already promise handpicked speakers who will share their knowledge and passion for camping life," says Remi A. Netteland.

New for the year is that the stage for the speakers will also be inside the expo area. The purpose is to integrate the lectures closer to the expo itself, and make it easy for the audience to discover the various lectures throughout the expo weekend.

"Also this year, we are putting extra soul into Saturday's event at Caravan Xpo, with a large evening event featuring well-known names, a firework of a cover band, and delicious barbecue buffet as last year. We are very excited to reveal this year's speakers and artists for Saturday," says Netteland.

Exhibitors will range from large, well-known brands to smaller niche shops, all gathered under the same roof in the expo hall.

"Last year, it was a great success with golf carts driving shuttles between the expo area and the camp. Feedback from the public was that it was a practical and quick way to get to and from their motorhome or caravan throughout the day," says Netteland.

The expo camp remains a central aspect of Caravan Xpo, but with improvements that the organizers believe will enhance the overall experience. The camping life is about emotions and dreams, and the social aspect is absolutely central to a successful caravan expo.

"We want Caravan Xpo to be an expo that shapes itself through the interaction between the audience and the exhibitors. Our work is about creating an annual tradition that builds on what camping life is about, namely creating good memories together," concludes Netteland.

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